The United States is experiencing a massive housing crisis. For just how long is perhaps debatable. Some would say since its existence; others could point to the 2008 financial crisis. The elements of the housing crisis are numerous and vary by place, but they generally include increased rates of homelessness, large amounts of foreclosed homes, and a lack of affordable and public housing. Many scholars, even those outside political economy, have tried to explain the causes and roots of the housing crisis. Some have analyzed it through an institutional approach; attributing it to a subprime mortgage loan crisis or placing…

Growing up in Nevada, I became accustomed to sprawling sagebrush-filled mountains and snow-dusted deserts. My family lives in the northern, southern and eastern parts of the Great Basin. Long drives for birthdays and graduations implanted a comforting landscape in my mind- pristine, natural, untouched. For many Nevadans, indigenous, fifth and first generations alike, despite our environment’s perceived nothingness, it is the core of our existence. That’s why proposals like the Pentagon’s to extend the Nevada Test and Training Range into the Desert National Wildlife Refuge pose a serious human-environmental problem.

The refuge is the largest in the contiguous United States…

Katie Louise Worrall

University of Nevada, Reno Grad. Political Science and International Affairs. Writing on geography, politics, and gender.

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